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Slow & steady wins the race—well, at least where smoked meats are concerned. Here’s a list of our regular menu items and some specials that we offer throughout the summer months.

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    Our savory beef brisket is trimmed and coated with our special brisket dry rub. This combination of 8 different spices and seasonings is layered over the trimmed brisket in a very specific order, adding a lot of flavor to the bark, or barbecue crust. Brisket cuts are smoked very slowly (8-10 hours) at a low heat to achieve ultimate flavor and texture.


    Don’t let the name scare you! These flavorful pieces of meat are cut from the top point and ends of our beef brisket after the whole brisket is smoked. Cubed and cooked until tender, this Kansas City-style barbecue delicacy features a modest amount of bark, or barbecue crust, on at least one side.


    Straub’s premium whole pork shoulder butt is rubbed with Blues Hog Dry Rub and slow smoked (10-12 hours) at a low temperature. After coming out of the smoker, the pork is allowed to rest in a covered container—this helps to soften up the bark. While still warm, the bone is removed and the tender meat is pulled apart by hand. Just add your favorite Blues Hog Barbecue Sauce and enjoy!


    Lean, meaty, and tender loin back ribs—more commonly known as “baby backs”—are typically taken from the rib cage of younger hogs between the spine and the spare rib. Straub’s loin back ribs are dusted with Blues Hog Dry Rub and smoked at 225°F for 4-6 hours. Finished with a barbecue glaze, our Smoked Baby Backs have an excellent melt-in-your-mouth flavor.


    Our Smoked Chicken Wings are the perfect addition to any meal! Fresh jumbo chicken wings are brined for 2 hours and thoroughly rinsed before they are seasoned with Blues Hog Dry Rub, smoked at 225°F for 1 hour, and finished at 300°F for an additional 30 minutes to crisp up the skin. Pairs perfectly with your favorite wing or barbecue sauce!


    Made fresh in Straub’s smoker with smoked bacon, burnt ends, green peppers and onions. The perfect side for your flame-grilled feast. Available in the Deli or with advanced notice.

Chef Fred Youngblood has been cooking up fresh, homemade recipes from scratch for years. Before coming to Straub’s, Fred most notably worked at Provisions, Cardwell’s restaurants and the Glendale Grill in St. Louis. For the past 12 years, Fred has continued to do what he loves best – making the best prepared foods in the St. Louis area (and always with a smile).

Did you know that we smoke our BBQ with a
combination of Hickory and Oak wood?
The advantage of using the Hickory & Oak
Combo—besides being locally available—is
that it has a very intense smoke flavor, which
helps penetrate through red meats such as
Brisket Butt. It also gives poultry and fish a
delicious yet subtle smoke flavor when
using the proper amount.

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