Blues Hog Barbecue products were created by Bill Arnold, a close friend to Straub’s and a local award-winning BBQ Pit Master from Perry, Missouri. We found that using Blues Hog Dry Rub Seasoning along with other secret spices makes our products stand out from the rest. We also recommend using Blues Hog Barbecue Sauce on our smoked meats. Currently, we offer three varieties:


    This preservative-free, award-winning gourmet sauce is made from all-natural ingredients, and it is the perfect blend of sweet and spicy.


    This thick, golden gourmet sauce combines the sweet taste of honey with the zesty taste of prepared mustard. An exotic blend of spices nurtures the natural flavors of smoked meats. Blues Hog Honey Mustard is excellent as a dipping sauce, a basting sauce, or even as a delicious salad dressing!


    Blues Hog Tennessee Red is a vinegar and pepper based sauce popular in Southern Barbecue Joints. Excellent on pork and beef sandwiches, this sauce gives food a unique boost of flavor with a zesty attitude.

Chef Fred Youngblood has been cooking up fresh, homemade recipes from scratch for years. Before coming to Straub’s, Fred most notably worked at Provisions, Cardwell’s restaurants and the Glendale Grill in St. Louis. For the past 12 years, Fred has continued to do what he loves best – making the best prepared foods in the St. Louis area (and always with a smile).

Did you know that we smoke our BBQ with a
combination of Hickory and Oak wood?
The advantage of using the Hickory & Oak
Combo—besides being locally available—is
that it has a very intense smoke flavor, which
helps penetrate through red meats such as
Brisket Butt. It also gives poultry and fish a
delicious yet subtle smoke flavor when
using the proper amount.

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