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We are proud to feature products from these great companies.


    Caito Foods Service, Inc. has been providing a complete line of produce items and services to retailers throughout the Midwest since 1965. Caito Foods became an innovative leader in the produce distribution industry by partnering with customers and suppliers to provide outstanding quality, service and variety. Caito Foods specializes in regional fresh produce distribution. They ensure that their products are preserved while in their specially designed and maintained facility. Then, they transport the fresh, high quality products on modern, well-kept equipment. When the produce reaches the customer, it is delivered with the utmost care and handled with the appropriate attention by a highly trained, efficient, and helpful team of drivers. Delivering produce on time and at the right temperature is one of the end results derived from the hard work, effort and follow through of many dedicated associates. Caito Foods carries an extensive line of Conventional Produce, Natural Food and Organic, Non-Perishable, and Floral Items. The level of distribution, technology, and merchandising support are unsurpassed. With an endless selection of quality products and stellar customer service, Caito Foods provides a distinct advantage for their customers.


    Nut Nation was started in Kansas in early 2009, when Kathy Prather’s husband, Kim, was laid off. With the opportunity to pursue her lifelong dream in front of her, Kathy, a certified nutritionist, looked for a way to improve the already fantastic taste of pistachios, by seasoning and smoking them. Kim is the source of inspiration for the new flavors, including Zesty Garlic, Curry Mango, Parmesan Ranch, Sweet Mesquite, Chipotle Chili, Blazin’ Sweet and Pumpkin Spice. Nut Nation “Pistachioz” are seasoned and smoked in electric smokers, meaning no charcoal or chemical fluids are used for a cleaner process.


    Tropical is a food manufacturer, importer and distributor of bulk and packaged snacks and specialty foods. Founder Jerry York opened the first Tropical office in 1977 in Orlando, followed later that year by their Charlotte, NC office. They began with approximately 100 items consisting mostly of snack mixes, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, and a few candies, beans, grains and flours. Their primary customers were health food stores, hotels and grocery stores. Today, the product line has grown to over 3000 items. For over 30 years, Tropical Nut & Fruit continues sharing their product and market expertise related to their specially formulated snack mixes, freshly roasted nuts & seeds, sesame sticks, and hundreds of bulk and packaged candies, spices, dried fruit, grains, and specialty foods.


    Goldbud fruit just can’t help its impressive size. That’s because Goldbud Farms fruit grows on higher ground. At 2,800 ft. elevation in the Sierra Nevada foothills, the orchards take life s-l-o-w-l-y. Hot mountain days coax flavor and size; cool nights keep the fruit from growing too fast. By the time Goldbud’s fruit is ripe, it’s big on the outside with sugar perfectly balanced with acid on the inside.

Farmer. Teacher. All-Around Nice Guy. Greg Lehr is our Produce Manager and Buyer. With 15 years of grocery experience and nearly a lifetime of produce experience, Greg offers a helpful, thoughtful and knowledgeable approach to every customer who ventures into the produce department. Stop by and see him today!

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