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Caviar is another name for unfertilized salted fish eggs or roe. Technically, the term “caviar” is only used for sturgeon (Beluga, Osetra, Servuga) and otherwise, the fish name must precede the word “caviar” (Salmon caviar, whitefish caviar). The roe is processed by adding salt (used for preserving the product) and this is why the word “Malossol” (“salt” in Russian) is used. Caviar has been around for centuries; in fact the sturgeon themselves date back to pre-historic times. As one of the most expensive wildlife products in existence, a kilogram of sturgeon caviar can be sold for up to $5,000 in the Western markets.

We have seven types of caviar available (Clayton location only):


    Exceedingly rare. Exquisitely rich. This smooth and buttery caviar reveals a complex array of briny notes, gloriously imparting the flavor of the sea.


    Also known as “California White Sturgeon,” it is medium to large in grain, light grey to black in complexion, and generally very mild in flavor. It is noted for its gastronomic excellence by the most renowned chefs in the USA.


    It has a smooth, mild, slightly sweet flavor and a clean finish.


    Also known as “American Sevruga,” Spoonbill,” or “Chataluga,” it varies in color from pale to dark-steely gray, has a firm texture and a silky flavor.


    Prepared in the traditional Russian style, Salmon Roe Chum has a bright golden-orange color and a superior taste and quality. Undoubtedly the best Salmon caviar on the market.


    These small glistening grains with melt-in-your mouth silkiness come to us from Siberian sturgeon, farm-raised in Italy under conditions identical to their native waters. This caviar is environmentally sustainable and has a smooth flavor profile, large firm pearl, excellent shine and is the finest selection of Baerii Osetra Caviar in the world.

A 35-year veteran of the food industry, Tom leads a team of seafood specialists on a mission to provide the freshest seafood & best customer service in town. His extensive knowledge stems from a life-long commitment to the trade and specialty training at the National Training Branch FMI/NOAA Seafood Splash Course. Having spent 8 years on the Executive Board of UFCW Local 88, Tom continues his strong union affiliation as a Shop Steward. His favorite dish to prepare is Chilean Sea Bass—the "filet mignon of fish!"

We get fresh seafood delivered to our

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