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American Kobe Wagyu Beef comes from Wagyu cattle that were brought from Japan and raised in the United States. Wagyu cattle are a Japanese breed of cattle that have the ability to marble like no other breed on earth.

Kobe Beef offers an extraordinary buttery flavor that is actually ounce for ounce healthier than regular beef fat. The meat has a fine texture that is tender and is second to none.

All of our Kobe Beef has no added hormones or antibiotics, it is 100% all-natural, and comes from a single rancher.

Some of Our Favorites:

Kobe Steak Burgers
Wagyu Kobe Steak Burgers are the world’s finest hamburgers, absolutely perfect in flavor, color & texture.

Smoked Kobe Beef Brisket
Our Smoked Kobe Brisket is hot smoked for maximum flavor and sliced fresh to your specifications. Great for sandwiches or to heat and serve.

Kobe Corned Beef
Straub’s combines the taste and tradition of Kobe Beef, served over 200 years ago for the Emperor’s table in Japan, with the rich history of corned beef, originally a meal prepared for the royalty of Ireland, in the 12th century.

Kobe Beef Franks
An American classic using the best beef in town. Truly the world’s finest hot dog!

When asked how long he has been a butcher, Joe Lucas nonchalantly replies, "Since I was 12." Joe leads a team of union, journeyman meat-cutters who are professional, approachable, knowledgeable and on duty every hour that Straub's stores are open. When he's not taking pride in cutting the best meat in town, Joe enjoys hunting with his two boys on his farm in Illinois.

Did you know over 68% of all our orders
are custom cut?
We’ve also sold over 10,000
Kobe Steak Burgers! There’s always something exciting
happening in our meat department – stop by today!

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