We source all of our Premium Quality Lamb and Veal from Provimi Foods. For many years Provimi has been recognized as the premium standard for formula-fed veal by gourmet chef’s throughout the United States.

These high quality gourmet products have long been a tradition in America’s finest restaurants and are available at all four Straub’s locations!

Premium Quality Lamb
Provimi Lamb provides domestically raised lamb which are primarily grain-fed, providing a premium lamb product that is sweet, tender and has a mild flavor. Lambs are raised without growth promotants or implants and every lamb is domestically raised. Provimi Lamb is up to 10,000 miles fresher than imported lamb and is available year-round.

Premium Quality Veal
Provimi Veal is closely monitored through their fully integrated system of controlling the feed, growers, production, and distribution. This program guarantees you the highest quality veal products and is unmatched in the industry.

When asked how long he has been a butcher, Joe Lucas nonchalantly replies, "Since I was 12." Joe leads a team of union, journeyman meat-cutters who are professional, approachable, knowledgeable and on duty every hour that Straub's stores are open. When he's not taking pride in cutting the best meat in town, Joe enjoys hunting with his two boys on his farm in Illinois.

Did you know over 68% of all our orders
are custom cut?
We’ve also sold over 10,000
Kobe Steak Burgers! There’s always something exciting
happening in our meat department – stop by today!

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