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Why shop at a locally-owned business first? The following 10 reasons show how more money spent at local businesses like Straub’s is reinvested in our community—creating diversity and helping to maintain the surrounding area’s unique appeal.

  1. Local shops value you more.
    Customer service is the cornerstone of the Straub’s business model. We have maintained our reputation for great service since we opened the doors over a century ago, and are always looking for ways to make your shopping experience even more convenient and enjoyable.
  2. Shopping local creates jobs.
    Straub’s has been hiring local since 1901. Our four locations provide jobs for hundreds of St. Louisans, who in turn spend their hard-earned money in the local community.
  3. We’re invested in the success of our community.
    At Straub’s, we participate in our local communities in a number of ways throughout the year. We love to give back to the communities we serve! Supporting local shops means a direct financial impact on your community as well.
  4. There’s no end to the wide range of local products.
    Many people fall out of the habit of shopping locally and are then surprised by the range of products and gifts available. See our list of available Saint Louis Favorites.
  5. Shopping local saves you money.
    Local distributors do not need to make lengthy commutes to sell their products. All of the additional fuel charges for transit and freight don’t make their way into the prices of local items.
  6. Shopping local saves the environment.
    Since Straub’s stocks many locally-sourced goods, which do not require long car or freight journeys, this also helps to reduce our global footprint.
  7. Shopping locally retains our communities.
    No one likes to see local shops and services close their doors to be replaced by large corporations, but this unfortunate situation is directly related to how people spend their money within a community.
  8. Shopping local retains our distinctiveness.
    Straub’s creates a distinctive shopping experience through our customer service and products available. We track shopping trends and respond quickly to the needs of local customers, stocking products to meet the changing population needs.
  9. Local shops are for everyone.
    In our efforts to cater to all customers, we carry a wide variety of chef-prepared specialty foods and gourmet items as well as casual, everyday products. Our locations are also scattered across a wide range of the Saint Louis area.
  10. Shopping local saves services.
    Private and public sector services tend to cluster around shops. As shops disappear so do hairdressers, banks, restaurants, and other local services.

Shop Local. Shop Straub’s.

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