Bienvenido a Spanish Month at Straub’s! You don’t have to travel to Spain for great taste, we already did. Trip Straub has returned from Spain with some great specialty items.



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The World’s Best Ham



Iberico Ham from Spain comes from one of the last roaming species in Europe, the Iberico Black Pig. What makes this meat so unique is not only the taste, but the way it is raised & and the history of the technique.


This ham is the most revered meat in Spain. Archeologists have discovered pig breeding and curing in pre-Roman times. The methods of this craft are largely left unchanged over the centuries. This meat has some of the largest cultural significance in Spain. Iberico Ham has employed an elite group of farmers, breeders, and butchers for two thousand years.


The Black Pig is a descendent of the ancient wild boar. This large animal can only be found in Spain, where is roams freely in a network of pasture lands. Foraging for acorns, the animal develops fat in its muscles, which give the signature succulent and firm texture. From the end of summer to early fall, the Black Pig is left to freely graze. This traditional cycle is known as Montanera.


Iberico Ham, from the black pig, has a distinct, complex taste which is paired with a signature texture. It is both firm and tender. This animal’s meat is healthy to eat, has a chemical-free diet, and is free-range. The curing process of the ham takes two full years, an unprecedented standard. The ham’s legs are packed with sea salt for three weeks, then hung in dry chambers with mountain air flowing through to allow skin and fat to drip away.


Artisan Cheese From Spain

Manchego D.O.P Gran Valle de Montecello

Made with pasteurized Manchego D.O Sheep’s Milk, these cheeses are exquisite both in taste and history. They are the result of carefully selected raw materials and the love of three generations of cheese makers.

Wine Cured Goat – Murcia Al Vino D.O.P

A family artisan dairy farm in the heart of Murcia makes this wonderful cheese from pasteurized goat’s milk. The rind is burgundy from being soaked in local red wine. This unique cheese is rich in content, fine and creamy, and fruity.


Trias Cookies

The integrity and good will of the Trias  family has put Trias cookies on tables across Spain and now the world, but the quality and taste of the cookies has kept them there.

All natural with no preservatives or additives, Trias cookies are loved, even craved, by people of all ages! New to Straub’s, our customers love them already.

The three varieties are Gianduia, chocolate hazelnut filled rolled wafers; Coco-Choc, the Catalan version of chocolate chip; and Ventalls, delicate wafers with a hint of lemon.


Corazon del Sol Quince Paste

Its sweet, its savory, and delicious. Corazon del Sol, an all-natural, extraordinary quince paste from the south of Spain. The Spanish prefer quince paste with Manchego, or try eating it on toast or crackers!


Blanxart Chocolate Bars

Since 1954, Blanzart has been dedicated to the manufacturing of high quality chocolates, especially focusing on selecting the best raw materials in order to get the best result in their final products.

Their own cocoa selection, toasting, and grinding allows Blanxart to get a high quality chocolate. Raw materials from Spain such as Reus hazelnuts, Marcona almonds, and Castilla pinenuts combined with their own process, creates a wide variety of chocolate.


Matiz Espana

Matiz Gallego sardines are harvested off the coast of Galicia, known for its exceptional seafood. Traditional methods are used that respect the biological cycles of the species, as well as avoiding harm to other sea creatures. The sardines are caught in seines, fishing nets that are used to encircle the school of sardines. The octopus is also caught using a net method.

Once harvested, the sardines are prepared by hand using old master cannery know-how and then packed with the highest quality ingredients to produce a sardine that is moist, tender, and uncommonly flavorful.


Trip’s Trip to Spain

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