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Hosting a Halloween Party? Make sure it’s frightfully delightful with fun decorations like these.

Root Votive Candle Decorations

Fall Leaves




Fall leaves (preferably ones that are not totally dried out)

Votive Candles

Glass containers

Double stick tape

Clear poly-crylic

Paint brush





1) Collect your leaves and coat both sides of leaves with two coats of clear poly-crylic. This preserves the color and prevents them from drying out.


2) When they are dry you can trim them down to fit the size of your votives. Make sure the leaves stop about a half inch down from the top of the glass. You do not want the tips of the leaves going over or near the top of the glass, this will prevent them from catching on fire.


3) When you have them trimmed, add some double stick tape to the back of the leaves and place them onto the glass.


4) Light a candle and enjoy the colorful glow.


Spooky Candles




Frosted Glass Finish

White Indoor/Outdoor Paint

Glow-in-the-Dark Paint

Black Craft Paint Pens

Round glass votives




1) Begin spraying several light coats of Frosted Glass Finish on the lip of each votive. It is not necessary to saturate the lip as the idea is to create a “disappearing” gradation of white to add to the ghostly illusion. Let dry completely.

2) Spray several light coats of white paint on the bottoms of the votives until coverage is solid while concentrating on blending the white seamlessly with the frosted glass. Let dry completely.

3) Spray entire exterior of all the vases with Glow-in-the-Dark paint so that when your votives are not lit, they will still glow-in-the-dark, welcoming dusk. Let dry completely.

4) Finally, freehand facial features (eyes and mouths) with a Black Paint Pen to give each ghost a personality!


Pumpkin Flower Vase





Carving Materials





1) Carve a large hole in the top of the pumpkin using your carving materials. Empty the majority of the contents of the pumpkin.

2) Trim the Pomps-Pomps so they will sit nicely in the pumpkin.

3) Place them in the pumpkin so they fill the hole nicely. If needed. Dig some of them into the base so they stay up.



Glam Pumpkin



Black Multi-Surface Paint

White faux pumpkin

Boo! Rhinestones letters

Paper Mache Witch Hat

Hot Glue



-feather with glitter picks




1) Paint two coats of black paint on the Witch Hat.

2) While the paint dries, apply the rhinestone “boo!” to the pumpkin.

3) Once the hat dries, glue your ribbon around the base, tie a ribbon bow, and use a few glitzy picks to embellish it.


Halloween Centerpiece




Three candles of various sizes

One embellished tray

Candy Corn

Plastic Spiders

Glue Gun




1) Use the glue gun to glue the spiders onto each candle, making sure to evenly get each side.

2) Set the candles in the embellished tray equal distance apart.

3) Cover the base of the tray around the candles in candy corn.


Spider Web Doormat




Black Doormat

Thick White String

Heavy Duty Glue






1) In chalk, draw a spider web design on the doormat.

2) Cut the string to fit the design.

3) Use heavy duty glue to attach the string to the mat in the shape of the design.



Ghoulish Eyes




Foam White Balls

Permanent Marker





1) Draw large pupils on the foam balls with permanent marker.

2) Secure them together with toothpicks.

3) Attach them to benches, fences, or anything else to give a good scare!







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