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We received the following letter in response to a large catering order for an event near our Clayton location. Read some of the great comments, and feel free to check out our Casual Catering Menu for your next special event.

Dear Trip,

I am not sure if you are the correct person to whom I should send this letter of appreciation, but you are the Straub’s Ambassador, as far as I am concerned. In the past, I encouraged Westminster [Christian Academy] to utilize the commercial business of those who are part of the WCA community. Even though Gregg and I are now alumni WCA parents, we are still consumers.

We recently contacted Straub’s Markets as a supplier for prepared foods for the Ladue Chapel Annual Strawberry Festival. Sharon LaBerta walked us through the entire process and made us feel very comfortable with catering for the luncheon on June 2 at which we served 273 people. Sharon and her staff were exemplary in their handling of the logistics, the preparation, the communication and even a last minute addition.

The entire group of Deacons could not be more pleased with the quality of the food and the presentation. We received so many compliments from the congregation for our new supplier & menu. Thank you for having and training such fine people within your organization. These folks were so professional and every detail was handled with care.

Our sincere appreciation and thanks for a “JOB WELL DONE” go to Sharon and her staff as well as the management of Straub’s Markets. We look forward to a new partnership with Straub’s and Ladue Chapel events.

Sincerely yours,

Sue H.

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