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  • Some consider figs the Holy Grail of fruit. Fresh brown turkey figs are available just in time for the holidays at all four Straub's locations.

    Some  consider  figs  the  ‘Holy  Grail’  of  fruit – classical references are many. Figs are said to be discovered by Dionysius and the thunderbolts of Jupiter. They are referenced as the tree of knowledge in the bible along with the loss of innocence and the pleasures of Paradise. Thomas Jefferson brought fig trees to Monticello upon his return from France. None-the-less figs are an exotic treasure and a culinary trophy. They are also an excellent source of potassium and dietary fiber. Fresh brown turkey figs are available just in time for the holidays at all four Straub’s locations. Hurry in and try some for yourself!

    How to Eat Fresh Figs

    Figs are usually eaten whole—skin and all. Wash the fresh figs in cool water. Since figs possess a delicate skin and flesh, be careful not to bruise them. Cut off the small stem with a sharp knife.  There is no need to cut the fig into smaller pieces or to remove the seeds. Simply pop the fig into your mouth and enjoy!


    • Try to eat fresh figs within two days.
    • Store figs in the refrigerator.
    • To keep your figs firm, store them on a paper-towel lined plate.
    • Cover figs with plastic wrap to keep them moist.


    • Wrap figs with thin pieces of cooked pancetta (Italian bacon) for a sweet and savory snack.
    • Stuff figs with chopped almonds and mascarpone cheese for a delicious appetizer.
    • Chop figs and add them to oatmeal or a salad.
    See Five Ways to Eat Fresh Figs from for more suggestions!
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  • With 2013 on the horizon, it's time to start making plans for New Year's Eve. Ring in the New Year with Straub's.

    With 2013 on the horizon, it’s time to start making plans for New Year’s Eve—if you haven’t already done so! Ring in the New Year with a great Champagne or Sparkling Wine from Straub’s. Here are some of our favorites:

    Spectacular Sparkling Wines

    Domaine Saint Vincent Brut Sparkling

    Using the méthode champenoise, this entry-level sparkling wine is surprisingly close to the real deal. Displaying a fine mousse—the mark of well-made wine—and bright fruit notes, Domaine Saint-Vincent is balanced by a subtle, nutty & yeasty note. On sale December 24-31, $10.99, 750 mL.

    Jaume Serra Cristalino Brut Cava

    Its fresh, toasty nose; beautiful citrus; green apple and mineral flavors; supple, lively mouth-feel; and clean, crisp finish make it the ultimate celebratory wine. Enjoy it on its own or with caviar, sushi, seafood, fried foods and Asian dishes. On sale through December 31, $8.99, 750 mL.

    Saint Hilaire Brut (Blanquette de Limoux)

    France’s oldest sparkling wine was developed more than a century before champagne by the Benedictine Monks of the Abbey of Saint-Hilaire in the Southern foothills of Limoux. Fresh, Lively, Crisp and Dry. Robert Parker of The Wine Advocate says it’s “similar to top quality non-vintage champagne at one third the price.” $13.99, 750 mL.

    La Marca Prosecco

    Awarded a 90 point rating from Wine Spectator! A delicate, well balanced Prosecco showing a good blend of baked apple, sour lemon & grapefruit, with a light creamy mineral texture on the palate. $15.79, 750 mL.

    Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut

    Awarded an 87 point rating from Wine Enthusiast Magazine! Often referred to as the “Black Bottle Bubbly,” Cordon Negro Brut is Freixenet’s most popular cava. It is crisp, clean and well balanced with a medium body and a palate of apple, pear and bright citrus flavors. This sparkling wine ends with a smooth, moderately long finish and a crisp touch of ginger. $13.49, 750 mL.

    The Real Deal from Champagne, France

    Veuve Clicquot Brut Champagne

    Awarded a 92 point rating from Wine Spectator! The high proportion of priceless reserve wines used to create this cuvée ensures the continuity of this prized champagne from Veuve Clicquot. Tightly knit, focused by racy acidity and a streak of minerality, this offers subtle notes of white peach, anise, biscuit and kumquat. The refined finish echoes a smoky note. $61.99, 750 mL.

    Don’t Forget the Kids!

    Martinelli Sparkling Juices

    Great for bubbly drinkers of all ages and those who wish to celebrate responsibly! Corked and foil wrapped in traditional bottles, Martinelli Sparkling Juices have all of the flavor and fun of champagne without the alcohol. $4.59, 25.4 oz. (On sale 2/$6 December 24-31, plus get one 25.4 oz. bottle FREE December 28-31 when you like us on Facebook!)

    Pairing ideas…

    Wild Hibiscus Flowers

    See our blog on sophisticated drink decorations and easy hors d’oeuvres for your New Year’s celebrations!


    **Check with stores for current pricing and availability.**


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  • As you plan your holiday celebrations, check out what Wild Hibiscus Flowers have to offer!

    As you plan your holiday celebrations, check out what Wild Hibiscus Flowers have to offer! These versatile dessert toppers, hors d’oeuvres, and drink decorations look sophisticated and taste like a mix of raspberries & rhubarb. Each 8.8 oz jar comes with approximately 11 flowers and 100% natural syrup. Think outside the jar with these party themed ideas:


    This drink was first served at the legendary Dorchestor Hotel London in 2006, where it remains the most popular Champagne cocktail on the menu. Decadent, divine & oh so classy… a new classic is born!

    Wild Hibiscus Flower Garnish
    ¼ oz natural rose water
    2/3 oz Wild Hibiscus Syrup

    • Muddle mint in the champagne flute & discard (squash some leaves around inside the glass)
    • Place Wild Hibiscus Flower in bottom of glass & stand upright
    • Add rose water & some bruised torn mint pieces
    • Top with Champagne
    • Pour in the Hibiscus syrup which will graduate from crimson at the bottom to light pink at the top
      **Tip: pour syrup in first for a layered effect

    The flower will sit in the bottom of the champagne flute and slowly open up over 3-4 minutes.

    A perfect, simple, very adult and absolutely gorgeous dessert for your next dinner party! Your guests will never know how simple this is, and you will seem like an Iron Chef!

    1 jar Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup
    2/3 cups sparkling wine (the half empty bottle of bubbly left in the fridge is great for this recipe)
    ½ cup water
    5 gelatin leaves or 3 teaspoons gelatin powder
    Whipped cream, dark chocolate curls & maraschino cherries for garnishing

    • Add sparkling wine to a mixing bowl
    • Pour ½ cup of the Hibiscus syrup (no flowers) into the wine.
    • In a small saucepan over low heat, warm water & dissolve gelatin. Do not boil
    • Pour into the wine through a sieve & mix through
    • Place a Wild Hibiscus Flower into 6-7 champagne flutes or fancy glasses & fill 2/3 of the glass with the jelly mix.
    • Refrigerate overnight to set (the flowers will set in all sorts of crazy positions)
    • Top with whipped cream, maraschino cherry (preferably with stems) & dark chocolate pieces.
      **Tips: Curl dark chocolate by warming slightly & using a potato peeler. Canned whipped cream works great for decorating.

    These Wild Hibiscus Flowers filled with fresh chevre are an instant hit! Better yet, they’re so easy to make. Just roll soft goat cheese into a small ball, stuff it into the flower, and finish with a garnish of chive!
    View the “How To” video on Facebook!

    The possibilities are endless with wild hibiscus! Visit their site for more cocktail ideas and recipes.
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  • Check out this recipe for Wisconsin Gruyère Cheese and Sweet Potato Soup with Maple Brioche Croutons from Wisconsin Cheese!

    Check out this recipe for Wisconsin Gruyère Cheese and Sweet Potato Soup with Maple Brioche Croutons from Wisconsin Cheese!

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