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  • Every month, our Beverage Directors will bring you their knowledge & passion for all things sippable.
    Here's what our experts are enjoying in September…

    Every month, our Beverage Directors will bring you their knowledge & passion for all things sippable.

    These are the experts to approach. Ask them questions about ideal pairings, hostess gifts, and even collecting. They are here to help!

    Here’s what our experts are enjoying in September:


    Julia Greco

    Certified Sommelier, Certified Specialist of Wine

    Clayton Store

         Poduttori del Barbaresco 2010


    “It is no secret that I have an unabashed love and enthusiasm for most things Italian; The food, the wine… my husband! I fried beautiful local eggplants for dinner the other night and paired it with a 2010 Produttori del Barbaresco.  The pairing was fabulous. The super-bright and somewhat tart flavors of cherry, strawberry and rhubarb shot through the richness of the eggplant. The finish was silky and satisfying with just a smack of spice. This lovely bottle is available everyday for $37.49.”

         Ca’Furlan Prosecco Cuvee Beatrice 2010


    “Something I always reach for, regardless of occasion or weather, is bubbly. Something very tasty and well within our budget is Ca’ Furlan Prosecco Cuvee Beatrice.  It’s $11.69 and tastes every bit as good as many wines twice the price. Small, happy bubbles deliver notes of lemon custard, lime soda and a whiff of brioche. This is a good one to keep in the fridge for unexpected company.”

         Wrath Fermata Chardonnay 2012


    “Since starting with Straub’s two months ago, the number one wine that stands out for me is Wrath 2012 Fermata Chardonnay from Monterey, California. It is a little bit of a splurge at $32.99, however, it is hands-down the best Chardonnay I have ever had from California. The best way that I can describe it: Happiness in a glass!”


    Sara Schumacher

    Certified Sommelier, Certified Specialist of Wine

    Kingshighway Store

         Shania by Juan Gil

         White or Red 3 Liter Bag-in-Box 


    For Sara’s inaugural pick, she’s decided to get a little controversial

    “It was originally a challenge just to convince people that screw cap wines could actually be really good, and now I’m telling you to give box wine a second glance.  Don’t think about Franzia, don’t even go there.  Shania (pronounced SHAH-nee-yah, not like the country singer) has a lot going for it.

    First, and most importantly, it’s deliciousAnd will stay that way after opening far longer than any bottle will.  Because of the anti-oxidizing bag inside (no air enters the bag), unfinished wine will not decline in quality like that of opened bottles.  These wines are meant to be drunk young, so no need for bottle and cork here.  Secondly, the wine is produced by Juan Gil.  The Gil family has been making wine in the southeast region of Spain since 1916, that’s 4 generations of winemaking! Finally, it’s a terrific value.  A 3 liter box is four bottles of wine.  Straub’s price is $19.99, so when you do the math it comes to $5 per ‘bottle’. 

    Shania White Wine (Garnacha Blanca)–Herbaceous and citrusy on the nose.  Low acidity; finishing with melon and apple notes.  Easy drinking and perfect for those last weeks of summer.

    Shania Red Wine (Monastrell)–Dark ruby in color with aromas of blueberry and ripe cassis.  Bright and fruit forward but not jammy.  Fine tannins and a savory finish.  Drink with basically anything grilled or roasted. 

    Don’t forget to recycle the box!”


    Peter Glarner

    Certified Specialist of Wine

    Webster Groves Store

         Crossfork Creek Cabernet  2011


    This wine has elegance and structure.  Dark fruit, earthy tones and a solid balance of acid and tannins

         Schafer-Frohlich  medium-dry Riesling 2010


    Don’t let Riesling scare you.  Wine nerds love the good ones.  Schafer-Frohlich has peach, lime, nectarine, and wonderful minerality.  A great intro to wonderful Rieslings.

         Formation Pinot Noir 2011


    This is a great every-day pinot that has wonderful fruit and a medium body.  It’s affordable wine from Central California.


    Kurtis Mitchell

    Beverage Specialist

    Mason Store

         4 Hands Resurrected IPA

          6 pk cans $10.99

     When it’s smoldering hot outside, it’s always been hard for me to find a beer that is refreshing, much less an IPA; but 4 Hands Resurrected IPA is that beer. The Mosaic hops flood your nostrils with passion fruit and pineapple as soon as you open the can (yes I said can!) The pineapple continues on the palate while also introducing orange, grapefruit and a slight piney bitterness to the mix before finishing crisp and leaving you longing for more. Enjoy this during these last few weeks of summer.

          The Rule Cabernet Sauvignon 2011


    “Holy Twizzler Batman!” The aroma of this Cabernet explode with red licorice, black cherry, and vanilla. The palate continues the red licorice theme and introduces a light smoky flavor that adds a nice depth to the wine. While I think this wine will age beautifully, I say buy a nice steak from our butchers and crack this bottle open. 

          Mastermind Vodka


    To try the best vodka in the land you don’t have to travel to Russia or Poland or France. Instead I suggest you jump in your car and head to the Vodka making powerhouse of Pontoon Beach, Illinois…wait– what?!…that’s right, in my opinion there is no other vodka on the market that is as smooth and clean tasting as Mastermind Vodka. Being hand made in small batches with midwestern grain insures that the quality is unparalleled. Try it straight up or mix with Fever Tree Tonic water and a splash of fresh squeezed lime juice for a real treat.

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  • Hand Selected by Our Experts


    Buffalo Trace Distillery located in Frankfort, Kentucky offers bourbon enthusiasts the unique opportunity to hand select their very own barrel of premium bourbon. Lucky for Straub’s, we have a bourbon expert on staff! Peter Glarner, Certified Wine Specialist, is also a personal collector of the world’s best bourbon. He selected a premium bourbon and bought a barrel of it just for Straub’s customers. The advantage of buying a barrel instead of single bottle is all in the consistency. Usually, several bourbons are mixed together to make one individual bottle. Straub’s bottles are not mixed with any other bourbons, making each drink have the same flavor. About the bourbon, Peter says, “This is the best bourbon at the price point I’ve ever tasted.” He highly recommends this to all customers, even citing is as a new personal favorite.



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  • Pair this outstanding wine with osso buco or steak and a strong Italian cheese.

    Pair this outstanding wine with osso buco or steak and a strong Italian cheese.

    “This wine has a vivid ruby red color and good concentration. Intense fragrant aroma with evident fruity notes among which wild black cherry, violet and vanilla. Full balanced flavor with noticeable but discreet tannic component. This wine can be served with appetizing first courses with meat and mushroom sauces, grilled meats and roasted white meats and medium aged cheese.”—Robert Parker

    Past Vintage ratings

    • 2009 – 92 pts. Robert Parker
    • 2008 – 91 pts. Stephen Tanzer
    • 2007 – 90 pts. Robert Parker
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  • Gail Appleson of the St. Louis Post Dispatch sought out our very own certified specialist of wine for her latest installment of "Wine Finds."

    Gail Appleson of the St. Louis Post Dispatch sought out our very own certified specialist of wine for her latest installment of “Wine Finds.” Appleson wrote:

    Because of the ample selection, I asked Peter Glarner, director of the wine department at Straub’s Market, 211 West Lockwood Avenue in Webster Groves, to point out some that were different in style. I chose the Las Rocas 2012 Rosado from Spain’s Calatayud Denominación de Origen (DO), located in the southwestern corner of the province of Zaragoza. It was priced at $12.49. For comparison, I bought the Elyse 2012 Rosé from California, priced at $15.49.

    Read the full piece on dry rosés at STLToday.com.

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